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Plumbing is a specialized profession, therefore it can be difficult for someone from the outside to understand many facets of the Industry.

1. Is there a high demand for plumbing as a profession? πŸ“ˆ

Plumbers have always been in demand, although the past several decades have focused on the pursuit of new, high-tech professions leaving other jobs without people to fill roles.

This creates a high demand for careers such as plumbing, which is not only rewarding professionally but also high-paying, with both longevity and job security in mind. We certainly need more individuals seeking out these valuable trades that we all depend on.


2. Has Plumbing technology changed much over the years? πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

In Roman times they used aqueducts and terra cotta piping to move wastewater from their homes, which would seem primitive in comparison to us today. At present time plumbing has continued to evolve.

For example, there are irrigation systems that involve farm-to-sink technology for minimal water use, and trenchless pipes for easier access. Plumbing professionals also incorporate things such as electronic monitoring devices with apps, cameras, and other technology to diagnose and fix plumbing issues today.


3. Do plumbers only fix sinks and toilets? πŸ”§

Plumbers can offer a wide range of services and maintenance for your plumbing needs. Leaky pipes, Drippy faucets, poor water pressure, sewer issues, etc… are all issues a plumber can resolve.

They are not limited to only the common issues, but the ones we least expect and need a professional to help save the day.


4. Is Plumbing Always Expensive? πŸ’Έ

The plumbing profession as we stated before is a high-demand profession, therefore economics comes into play when it comes to the bill. Plumbers have an important role when fixing your home’s plumbing issues, and depending on the severity of damage they charge according to parts, labor, and other factors.

Your plumbing is a vital component in your home’s infrastructure, so it’s wise to invest in the quality of work now, rather than pay the price later seeing poor outcomes.


5. How Valuable Is a Skilled Plumber? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§

Plumbing is an exceptionally important skilled trade we all rely on. Imagine life without clean drinking water or proper waste disposal? We take for granted these basic necessities, which we have plumbers to thank.
To put it in perspective, the plumbing demand will grow 14% over the span of the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hiring a skilled plumber is investing in your home’s critical infrastructure, and is as important as a solid foundation, or having a safe roof over your head.


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